Marc Raboy Photography / The Legends

Welcome to Marc Raboy Photography / The Legends
Thank you for visiting my website. For over 25 years I photographed thousands of people – actors, singers, dancers, models, authors, and hundreds of others who just wanted a little bit of glamour and excitement in their lives. 

​Here we have The Legends. These are images of some of the most recognizable faces and personalities in the world during the period from 1974 to 1999.  A generation of celebrities from all of the different segments of the arts.

This site will be changing constantly, so please feel free to revisit us as often as you can. Here are eighteen legends now. There will be many more coming. Every month two or three more will be added along with their stories, as well as additional photographs of the original ones already posted.

​This site is protected by DIGIMARC ID. Every photograph is now embedded with an invisible watermark as well as the visible watermarks. This unique process creates a traceable and unique identity for each viewer, so the proper copyright information will be attributed to every image, no matter where they go around the internet. All of the images shown are in their lowest resolution for the web.  But, I’m sure you will enjoy them just the same. You should also know that everything that you see exists in high resolution as well, and would make great collectibles.

​So, enjoy the show, and please come back to see more of your favorite celebrities, some even before they were well known. The music divas, the heartthrobs, and the greats of theater, film, and TV.