Marc Raboy Photography / The Legends

The Original Dreamgirls

Here are some of the people without whom I simply would not have accomplished

what I did, and achieved the success with which I was blessed.            

Keith Henry

Sam Michael Nardone

Donna Pescow

Steven Melnick

Bill Abranowicz

Augustus Butera Jr.

Russ Beasley

Rodolfo Mari

Spencer Lloyd

Pete Sanders

Ed Callaghan

Tony Vargas

Jill Larkin

​Judy Jacksina

David Delp

Danny Wintrode

Marc Daniels

Fran Cooper

Kathleena Gorga

Matt Yeandle

Tonee Ferringo

Jeffrey Bruce

And, all of the great and talented make-up artists and hair stylists with whom 

I've had the pleasure and the honor of working with for twenty-five years.

Jon Giswold

Mathew Rushton

Frank Levy

Gregory Harrison

Win Wilford

Sandra Trim-DaCosta

William Ivey Long

Tony Chase

Eric Stephen Jacobs

H. Joseph Smith

Greg Morgan

Debra Greenfield

Lucie Arnaz Luckinbill

Jim Caruso

Kieth Dodge

Ted Hook

Joan Baker

Louis Miele

Scott Durkin

Ervin & Esther Raboy

William Clinton (Horace Mann School)