Marc Raboy Photography / The Legends

Mother’s Day, 1986.
Lucie decided to celebrate with a brunch. Lucy and Gary were in town and she thought it would be great for me to shoot a three generational photo with Lucille, Lucie and her daughter Katharine. It was really special to photograph this family and we had a wonderful time laughing and enjoying each other's company.  Gary thought it would also be an opportune time for Lucy to take some additional shots for her upcoming TV series, which was about to go into production. Would I say no??  So I touched up her hair and make-up and we started. Oddly, Lucy didn’t feel comfortable in front of the camera - she needed a distraction. So, Lucie stood behind me and began reminiscing about growing up at 1000 Roxbury Drive. Big Lucy began slowly to feel more relaxed, and began to have fun. What you will see here is an honest reaction from the iconic Queen of Comedy.